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Reaching one peak at a time

2224 Beaumount Street
Sacramento, Ca 95815

Open 7:30am to 5:30pm Weekdays


Welcome to Little Summit Center! When searching for the right school we understand how important it is for parents. Your decision is important to us. Your search should lead you to a school that will promote your child to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. Here at Little Summit Center we also enable your family to become part of a collaborative, warm and supportive school. You will discover a unique and deeply committed partnership between school and families. This partnership empowers our children, nurturing individual talents and interests. Our vision is to support our children to a lifelong fun learning experience. Our core value is to foster their growth and development of physical capacities, well-being, confidence, respect, self-esteem, making right choices and independence.

Practical Life. Sensory.
Language. Math. Science.
Art. Structural Learning 



We believe that children should always have a good balance when learning. Our program will include developmentally appropriate curriculum that provides flexible activities to meet the needs of each child at their own pace. We encourage growth and learning through play so children may explore and have fun. We believe that children will develop self- expressions and gain an understanding of concepts. Learning occurs by building on each child’s interest. Preferably, a child may learn through hands-on interactions. We value a curriculum that supports developmental age appropriate skills through structured and non-structured activities. 


Every child will engage in structured literacy activities. During circle time and reading time, each child will have the ability to communicate, ask questions and discover new solutions to problems. Our program includes other curriculum such as arts and crafts, math, science and musical activities where children will stretch their imaginations, curiosity, and love for learning. We will encourage children to protect and care for our planet. Our children will learn to make better choices and understand the importance of saving our planet by taking a role on going green. Children will establish natural habits that promotes “Earth Day,” every day.  

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